Road infrastructure

Safety equipment

MPM - Marseille Provence Metropolis Urban Community
After twenty months of work, at the end of the year our teams delivered the safety installations for the Marseille Old Port tunnel for the MPM (Marseille Provence Metropolis).

The supervision implemented makes it possible to manage all the systems: lighting, signage, ventilation, video-surveillance.

Toll systems

SENAC (Société d'Exploitation de la Nouvelle Autoroute concédée à Dakar) - Senegal
Within the framework of a concession contract awarded to SENAC, the Eiffage group teams took charge of designing and building the DAKAR-DIAMNIADIO motorway.

Clemessy carried out : the equipment and system managing the toll lanes, the traffic management system with a computerised register, the high-speed backbone network, the dynamic equipment (traficolor panels), traffic data collection and the HGV dynamic weighing stations, the video-surveillance system, site security, secure electrical power supply including a production generator set.

Operating and safety equipment

DREAL PACA* – South tunnel crossing Toulon
The DREAL PACA* awarded Clemessy the contract to design and build the operating and safety equipment for the second tube of the Toulon underground crossing.

This significant 3 km structure which the local population has been waiting several decades for, will come into service at the end of 2013. * Regional Environment, Planning and Housing Department - Provence-Alpes- Côte d’Azur.

Automatic incident video-detection

DIR Ile de France - Renovation of 22 tunnels de l'Ile de France
Within the framework of the DAI-FP project, Clemessy implemented an automatic incident detection system. Based on the analysis of video images, the system comprises no less than 1,500 detection points.

In addition to implementing the whole Video/DAI system, Clemessy carried out the following for each tunnel:

  • Building and implementing secure power supply points in each emergency exit
  • Installing and implementing the Ethernet hubs which connect the field with the network connecting all the tunnels in the “Ile de France” region.
  • Installing and implementing the concentration racks for the analysers
  • Putting in place the physical closing barriers