Railways infrastructure

Construction of 20 KV and 1500 Vdc electrical traction substation

SNCF (France)
Engineering and building the SNCF CHAMP FLEURY 63 KV at 1500 Vdc traction substation.

ONCF (Morocco)
Construction of a 3000 Vdc 6 MVA rectification substation at the Rabat Agdal station. The work carried out concerns the general and detail construction engineering, the construction of the building and supplying and implementing the HV/LV 3000 Vdc equipment.

RTM Marseille (Marseille Underground Line, France)
Engineering and installation :

  • of the 20 kV power supply loop for the 750 Vdc traction rectification substations,
  • of the fibre optic communication network, the automated equipment and the overall supervision.

Communication network

Soléa - Mulhouse (France)
Engineering, installation and implementation of the multimedia network for the Mulhouse tram-train.
Gigabit Ethernet multimedia network supporting the telephone, sound distribution, intercom, ticketing, CTM and passenger information systems.
The TRAM trains have been equipped with active network equipment as well as with fibre optics between carriages.

Railway Industrial Tertiary sector

Tramway Maintenance Centre in Toulouse (France)
Building the power & lighting and communications substations: Main LV board, distribution cabinets, electricity and fluid distribution box and IT networks, tracks’ outdoor lighting.
Carrying out the protection of the site : intrusion detection, access control, and video surveillance

Managing the framework contract for the electrical work and maintenance

Toulouse Underground (France)
Normal and safety lighting, switch cabinets, video surveillance, intrusion detection, fire detection, revamping.

SNCF (France)

Electrical work for power & lighting and communications facilities in 180 SNCF stations in the Mediterranean area (Marseille, Avignon, Nice).