Hydroelectric power plant Balance Of Plant (BOP)

Nam Theun 2 Power Company Ltd (Laos)
Engineering and completing the electrical BOP work package for the Nam Theun hydraulic power plant, with a capacity of 984 MW + 86 MW.
The work carried out concerned the engineering, building work, work supervision, commissioning, training and providing operating and maintenance advice.

Speed control

Compagnie Nationale du Rhône
Partial refurbishing of the speed control system for the 6 hydroelectric units at the Bollène plant.
The works consisted in the following :

  • replacing the network of hydraulic pipes (switching to 60 bars),
  • replacing the hard stones and layout work
  • installing the electrical wiring of the regulators
  • carrying out the mechanical refurbishment of the jacks and distributors

General electrical installations (IEG) – Monitoring & control

EDF DPIH : Serre-Ponçon dam
Within the framework of the RenouvEau project undertaken by EDF’s Hydraulic Production & Engineering Department, EDF CIH awarded CLEMESSY the contract to refurbish the SERRE PONCON dam, comprised of 4 Francis gen sets with a total capacity of 380 MW
The work and services carried out are as follows:

  • refurbishment of the monitoring & control system for the gen sets, head gates, general auxiliary services,
  • refurbishment of the 127 Vdc power workshop,
  • changing the 127 Vdc and inverted 220V low-voltage boards,
  • works in monitoring room, 225Kv substation,
  • works relating to the speed and voltage controllers,
  • the gen sets’ transformers.

Within the framework of the project involving the partial refurbishing of the electrical equipment at the BEAUCHASTEL lock (F) :

  • PLC cabinet for monitoring & control of the lock,
  • inverters,
  • raising barriers,
  • light signals for navigation,
  • level measurements,
  • boat detection radars,
  • video equipment: cabinet and video cameras,
  • weather station.


Within the framework of the maintenance of the outgoing power transformers for the 4 gen sets (225kV) at the GAMBSHEIM (F) plant, EDF’s Hydraulic Production & Engineering Department awarded CLEMESSY the contract for the following work and services :

  • replacing two 3.5kV/225kV 50MVA transformers (supplied by EDF),
  • supplying and putting in place two 225 kV cable connections.

Vibratory analyses and measurements

Compagnie Nationale du Rhône
Vibratory monitoring of the hydroelectric generator sets on the Rhône river power plants (Turbines, Kaplan and Bulb).


DF DPIH : Framework contract for work carried out on Telecom networks within the framework of the RenouvEau project
Within the framework of the RenouvEau project undertaken by EDF’s Hydraulic Production & Engineering Department, EDF INITEP awarded CLEMESSY the contract to carry out the Telecom cable installation work all the hydroelectric facilities in mainland France. These works are carried out on the basis