General Electrical Installations

EDF (France)
EDF are launching a substantial industrial programme : to operate the nuclear power plants beyond 40 years and increase the power capacity of the reactors with enhanced safety and in line with the regulatory framework.
Within this context, Clemessy, as part of a consortium of companies, won the contract for the General Electrical Installations (GEI) for several power plants, the work on which is scheduled to last until 2020.

AREVA NP (France)
Within the framework of the renewal of the steam generators for the 900mW reactors, the engineering, removal and refitting of the General Electrical Installations and Site Electrical Installations.
AREVA awarded CLEMESSY with a first contract, concluded in 2005 for the refurbishment of 8 reactors over a period of 8 years and they have recently renewed their faith in us by awarding a second contract for a further 8 reactors over a 7-year period.

Spare parts

EDF (France)
Supply contract for 40 speed regulation boards controlling the emergency diesel generator sets for the 1300 and 1400 MW units.
Within the framework of this project, Clemessy handles the job of monitoring the remanufacturing of parts which are identical to the original ones, in line with the obligations regarding Quality and Safety imposed by EDF for this type of equipment.

ATEX environment management

EDF (France)
Engineering and bringing into compliance the hydrogen tightness circuit for the P’4 and N4 a.c. generators. This operation is aimed at protecting the facilities with regard to the risk of an explosion linked to hydrogen.

Video surveillance, access control

EDF (France)
Within the framework of a consortium of companies, carrying out the Flamanville 3 EPR site’s Electrical Surveillance Installations: the site’s video surveillance, access control and security equipment.

Requalification of the a.c. generators

EDF UTO (France)
Requalification in workshop of the pilot a.c. generators for the CP0 / CP1 unit of the French nuclear power plants.
22 rotors have to be requalified over a period of 4 years.
These a.c. generators coupled to the turbo generator set provide the emergency power supply for the turbine’s safety and regulation systems.

Instrumentation and maintenance

EDF (France)
Since 1985, within the framework of a consortium of companies, Clemessy have been handling the implementation of the instrumentation and the maintenance of the 1300 and 1400 MW power plants.


EDF CNPE - Fessenheim (France)
Preventive and perfective maintenance of the fire detection, protection and fighting equipment for a period of 5 years commencing in July 2010.

Site protection

CNPE - Tours (France)
Engineering and building all the fencing for the future EPR worksite.
The work covers the civil engineering works, building wall walks, installing fences with electrification and anti-intrusion systems, putting in place automated gates, the access controls, the video systems, not forgetting setting up a new booth for access to the EPR worksite.


EDF CSP-IT / DAIP (France)
Level 1, 2 and 3 administration, operation and maintenance contract and telecommunications engineering contract. The work covers the maintenance operations and new works in the field of networks and communications equipment since 2006 on the north, east and west sectors of France, i.e. 12 Nuclear Electric Power Generation Centres and the adjacent EDF installations (Hydraulic and Thermal power generation Centres, R&D Centres, tertiary sites).

Main low-voltage board

EDF (France)
Carrying out the engineering, qualification and manufacture as well as setting up and testing the main LV boards and transformers on site for unit 3 of the EPR reactor in Flamanville

  • 100 main LV boards up to 6000A
  • 5,500 outgoing feeders
  • 50 transformers up to 5 MVA