Satellite check out

Thales Alenia Space - Turin (Italy)
ROSETTA integration bench :
Building two test benches making it possible to supply power to the satellite during the integration and test phases and acquire and inspect the pyrotechnical lines.
Supplying the satellite’s ground power supply equipment during the launching phase (equipment remotely controlled from the control centre).

Airbus Defence and Space - Portsmouth (England)
Designing and building the GAIA Pyro checkout equipment (SCOE).

Airbus Defence and Space - Friedrichshafen
Conception et réalisation du Sentinel-2 Power check out equipment (SCOE) dans le cadre du projet KOPERNIKUS (GMES).

Simulation and test facilities

CNES - Kourou (French Guyana)
Designing and building the Operational Simulator for Top Part of Electrical Interface (SOPHIE) of ARIANE 5 and the satellite interface.

On-board equipment simulation facilities - TestInView

ArianeGroup - Bordeaux (France)
Designing and building a means of implementing a System for Controlling Thrust Vector.
The MEOTVC test facility has to make it possible to simulate the behaviour of some HIL equipment (Hardware In the Loop).

Acquisition and measurements systems

CNES - Kourou (French Guyana)
Replacing the system for conditioning the ARIANE 5 single-line measurements, in the launching table and on the solid propellant test bench (BEAP) at the Guiana Space Centre.