Systems for the security and protection of property and people

CNES French Guiana Space Centre and Arianespace in Kourou (French Guiana)
Maintenance and operation of the security and protection facilities at the Space Centre in French Guiana : access protection and control, fire detection and extinguishing, backup measures support system, electrified fencing, video surveillance, perimeter protection and access to the sites.

Clean rooms

STARSEM - Baïkonour (Kazakhstan)
Multitechnical maintenance and operation of the satellite preparation facilities for the SOYOUZ launcher in Baïkonour : air-conditioning, power supply and generation, CTM, access control, video-surveillance, fire detection, gas detection, sound distribution, operational communications, fluid distribution networks, mechanics (overhead travelling cranes, handling means).

HV/LV Installations

ArianeGroup - Vernon (France)
Maintenance and operation of the HV/LV installations and emergency lighting:
15 kV main delivery substation, 15 kV networks, inverters, generator sets, main LV board, distribution boards, emergency lighting and batteries.

Monitoring & control systems

ArianeGroup - Les Mureaux (France)
Maintenance and operation of the ARIANE 5 monitoring & control benches in French Guiana and in Europe for the ARIANE 5 rocket engines in Kourou, the main cryotechnical stage and the ARIANE 5 Functional Simulation Facility at Les Mureaux.