Power plant and HV/LV distribution

STARSEM - Baïkonour (Kazakhstan)
Designing, building and implementing the power systems for the satellite integration clean rooms in the Energia Hall at the Baïkonour Cosmodrome and on the Soyouz launch pad.

CNES - Kourou (French Guiana)
Designing, integrating, installing the whole power & lighting work package for the Soyouz project in Guiana. The work also involves the Integrated Logistics Support engineering as well as the RAMS (reliability, availability, maintainability and safety).

Power & lighting and communications

CNES - Toulouse (France)
Carrying out the electrical power & lighting and communications works for all the facilities at the Toulouse Space Centre, the sounding balloon preparation centre at Aire sur l'Adour and on the remote sites.

Airbus Defence and Space- Toulouse (France)
Carrying out the technical work packages for 5 clean rooms at the BAT X2 satellite optical measurement Building : video, access control, gas and fire detection, communications, MV, LV.


Assembly facilities

Airbus Defence and Space
Engineering, building and integrating an assembly facility for the PLEIADES Satellite.