Process Equipment Maintenance

Sanofi Pasteur - Val de Reuil (France)
Process equipment maintenance 24 hours/day, 365 days a year: autoclaves, shell removers, incubators, centrifuges…

ELI Lilly - Fegersheim (France)

Maintenance on the process equipment (Freeze-driers, diaphragm valves, valves, pumps, ...) and the equipment in buildings B207 and B209 for the computer integrated material handling part before shipment and reception (electromechanical conveying and automated storage equipment).

Guerbet - Aulnay (France)Annual maintenance of the autoclaves.

Laboratory equipment maintenance

Sanofi Pasteur - Marcy (France)

Maintenance of the site’s whole stock of laboratory equipment, i.e. over 3,500 pieces of laboratory equipment (R&D and production) : chromatography, centrifuges, incubators, microscopes, …
Our work involves fully managing the stock, defining and constituting the stock of spare parts, providing advice and technical assistance.

Lilly - Fegersheim (France)

Overall level 1 to level 4 maintenance on the laboratory equipment in B400 building (measurement loops, autoclaves, SKAN insulators, centrifuges, scales, climatic enclosures (Incubators, deep-freezer cabinets, freezers, tanks,...), washing machines,  purified water, steam, vacuum and purified water production networks, (Millipore ELIX and Milli-Q), laminar flow hood, ...).

Clean utilities maintenance

GSK - Notre Dame de Bondeville (France)

Preventive and perfective maintenance of the utilities equipment (HVAC, clean fluids, Steam Generator, …) and process equipment (insulators, drying cupboards, ovens ….)
The work involves maintenance in the mechanical, electromechanical, automation, regulation and refrigeration fields.

Novo Nordisk - Chartres (France)

Maintenance on the site where the insulators and autoclaves are located with qualification of this equipment.ELI Lilly - Fegersheim (France)CTA predictive monitoring by way of vibratory and electric analysis.

Metrology Calibration

Guerbet – Lanester (France)

Calibration, verification and adjusting of over  250 measuring circuits : pressure, temperature, speed, flow, level, pH, conductivity, I–refraction.

Capsugel - Colmar (France)

Calibration of all the factory’s sensors.

Clean fluids distribution network design-build contractor

GSK - St Amand les Eaux (France)

Turnkey completion of the latest «Clean Piping» project for the new industrial site at St Amand Les Eaux, in a partnership with Hyline.
Clemessy carried out the electrical installations, automated systems (Siemens 7) and supervision (IAS by Wonderware) in accordance with Gamp 5 (Good Automated Manufacturing Practice).
Hyline carried out the design, skids, prefabrication and piping with orbital welding for the clean fluids distribution network (5,700 m of piping, 900 valves and draw-off points, 190 measuring loops, 7 PLCs).

Automation Supervision

Pfizer - Orléans (France)

Automation of a new pharmaceuticals preparation and distribution line (5 storage tanks, 6 preparation tanks, weighing, curing, distribution to 3 lines) and modifications to the NEP automated equipment for 12 manufacturing rooms.

Expanscience - Epernon (formulation workshop - France)

Gamp5 monitoring & control in line with FDA, instrumentation, power & lighting and communications for the New B2 production workshops at the Expanscience laboratories in Epernon.

Revamping, process equipment transfer

Henkel - Ponthierry (France)

Carrying out the transfer of their formulation workshop from Nemours to Ponthierry.
This transfer over a distance of 30 km of all the process equipment from a 4000 m2 workshop involved the following work: dismantling, refitting, electrical and fluid disconnection and reconnection and restarting work.

Famar - Orléans (France)Carrying out the turnkey transfer of two packaging lines from Sweden to Orléans (France). 

Special machines - Robotics

Biomérieux - Marcy L’Etoile (France)

Designing and building a complete Vidas cone packaging line : operations ranging from extracting the cones to the gauged drilling of the covers, packing, bagging the bags right up to the final packaging in compartimented pallets.
The techniques implemented involve mechanisation, robotics, industrial vision and traceability by RFID.

Boiler room

Simafex - Marans (France)

Turnkey compliance of the boiler room.
Our work involved the instrumentation, automation, regulation and supervision work to switch over to eight-hour cycles.

Guerbet - Aulnay (France)Turnkey completion of a boiler room with our partner Climatelec.