Iron and steel industry


ArcelorMittal - Dunkerque (France)
Engineering and carrying out the refurbishment of the automated systems for the Mardyck rolling mill’s spraying facility.
Engineering and building the automated systems making up the new RHOB2 unit and refurbishing the existing automated systems on the RHOB1.
Engineering and carrying out the refurbishment and development of the continuous casting facilities
Engineering and carrying out the automation of the coking plant machines (charging machines, pushers, tractors, APGC) to operate these machines remotely and entirely safely
Refurbishing the Mardyck rolling mill’s automated systems.

ArcelorMittal - Isbergues (AMSE - Recyco - France)
Designing and building the automated systems and supervision equipment for a workshop management system, the aim of which is to recycle the waste, called « steel sludge », produced by the blast furnaces.

HV/LV Distribution

ArcelorMittal - Fos sur Mer (France)
Designing and building the HV and LV distribution for the gas cooling equipment, within the framework of the coke gas desulphurisation project.

Transformer station

ArcelorMittal - Gandrange (France)
Replacement of 19 1,000 KVA transformer stations on the LCB rolling mill.

Monitoring & Control

Société Nationale Industrie Minière - Mauritania
Designing and building the electrical and monitoring & control systems for the port’s handling facility comprising 3 ground stocking and conveying machines.