Food processing


Kronenbourg - Obernai (France)
Valves and fittings maintenance on the Obernai site. Replacement of the wearing parts and the valves. Bedding and calibration on test benches or during shutdown works.

Nestlé - Arches (Épinal - France)
Maintenance on the process valves and the fittings, a team was sent for weekly maintenance operations.


Caves de Landiras (Les Grands Chais de France Group)
Designing and building the process fluids and utilities networks : 9,600 m of piping and associated valves and fittings.

Automation and supervision

Bel - Evron (France)
Designing and building the automated and supervision systems :

  • for the milk delivery platform
  • for the separator
  • for the Mini-Babybel production lines


Yoplait - Le Mans (France)
Designing and building the automated and supervision systems for the ground and overhead handling of the finished products and storage and retrieval machines. .

Boursin - Pacy sur Eure (France)
Refurbishing work on the electrical installations, automated systems and packaging machine supervision system as well as a CIP station..
But also :

  • extending the industrial Ethernet network
  • supplying the switch cabinets
  • mechanical studies and modifications prior to integrating brushless motors
  • integrating the MMI (man-machine interface) for the parameterisation and maintenance support.

These works were carried out over several weekends without it being necessary to shut down the site.

Centralised Technical Management

Danone - Bailleul (France)
Building a CTM system making it possible to monitor the utilities’ energy consumptions (cold, iced water, compressed air, electrical production).

Fresh products handling robots

Unicopa - Loudeac (France)
Engineering, designing and building a robotised cell for turning over cheeses on trays.