Chemicals, petrochemicals

Electricity, automated systems and instrumentation

GDF - St-Clair-sur-Epte (France)
Carrying out the electrical, monitoring & control and instrumentation work in connection with the programme to renovate the site.


Adisseo - Saint-Clair-du-Rhône (France)
Maintenance on all the electrical equipment, instruments, as well as the on-line analysers.
Multi-annual contract including providing a proposal for improvement and all the odd jobs on the site.

Air Liquide - Fos-sur-Mer (France)
Maintenance of production facilities in the Mediterranean region : this one-year renewable contract consists in performing electrical, instrumentation and analysis work.

TOTAL Donges Refinery (France)
Maintenance on all the refinery’s on-line analysers and their utilities, pumps, air-conditioning, PLCs, …
Transactional metrology : vat level, turbine, ...
Level 2 maintenance of the laboratory analysers at the refinery.
Multi-annual contract with performance objective with the presence at all times of a team on site on call at night, at weekends and on public holidays.

Multi-annual contract providing assistance with the maintenance of the on-line analysers on the Dalia, Girassol and Pazflor rigs. We have one person permanently on one of the three sites.
Proposals for improvement and level 1 maintenance training for the local staff.


LyondellBasell - Berre (France)
Carrying out the piping and metalwork on a sulphur fumes treatment unit.


Total France -2530 sites
Engineering, installation and commissioning of the IP-based video-surveillance system in the 2,530 service stations belonging to the TOTAL Group (boutiques, lanes).


JUBAIL (Saudi Arabia) - SATORP Refinery
Supplying an analysis shelter (viscosimeter) for the new SATORP refinery.
Carrying out the engineering, manufacture and tests on the shelter in ATEX atmosphere.