Robotics and inspection equipment

Renault Tanger – Morocco

Designing and building the robotised spot welding assembly cells for manufacturing parts belonging to the bodies in white, along with the tools designed for the assembly of the opening windows before being painted.
Designing the equipment for inspection and validation downstream from the metal fittings line making it possible to ensure the conformity of the parts produced.

Test bench

Continental AG Roding – Germany
Designing and building the filling, fitting and testing equipment at the end of the direct injection pump assembly line.
The various operations are performed in containments which fulfil the intrinsic safety criteria and are classified in Zone 1. The transfer of the sub-assemblies is carried out automatically by robots and the equipment for capturing, processing and archiving the characteristics measured ensure the marking as well as the traceability thereof right up to the centralised IT system.

BE1 and BE2 gearbox test benches

PSA Peugeot Citroën - Valenciennes (France)
Retrofitting of several gearbox (GB) test benches.

GB casing tightness check

Shangai General Motors - Shandong (China)

Designing and building two machines enabling the quality of the gearboxes to be checked. These complex machines make it possible to check the tightness of clutch casings and mechanism casings.

Process equipment maintenance

Delphi France SAS - Blois (France)

Maintenance contract with objectives in terms of the results over 3 years concerning the operational availability of the production equipment of the IHB Unit (Injector Holder Body).

Sizing island

Audi Bruxelles (Belgium)
Designing and building robotised sizing islands 

  • for the panoramic roofs for the Audi A1 vehicle
  • for the soundproofing boxes for the A1 and A3 vehicles.

Power & lighting – communications – centralised technical management (CTM)

PSA Peugeot Citroën - Tremery (France)

Designing and installing the power & lighting and communications for the production building designed to accommodate the new petrol engine (EB), including the power supply for the machines along with the CTM.

Inspection machines

PSA Peugeot Citroën - Tremery (France)
Designing and building 3 inspection machines specifically for the new petrol engine (EB) :

  • connecting rod inspection machine
  • connecting rod survey station
  • crankshaft inspection machine.

Electric engine test bench

Renault Lardy (France)

Designing and building a test bench capable of testing all the possible existing configurations: all types of batteries, battery simulator (0-750V), vehicle inverter, universal inverter, modelling the attitude control laws on vehicle computer via DSPACE.
The process control and the bench regulations will be performed by the CYLOP real-time system developed by Clemessy.

Truck cabin assembly line

Renault Trucks - Blainville (France)

Designing and building the new truck cabin assembly line.

Banc de test

PSA - Velizy (France)

Building a test bench making it possible to characterise part of the vehicle’s electrical network and its various pieces of equipment.
The bench will make it possible to integrate various types of batteries but also other active components and to check their dynamics in the various configurations they are used in (Stop & Start, cold start ...).
Within the framework of this project, the functionalities of the TestInView tool will be widely implemented in order to have an open-ended and user-friendly test environment based on test applications developed using National Instruments and The Matworks (Models) products.