Aeronautics and Defence

Access control

Dassault Aviation -Saint Cloud le Bourget
Managing the operational readiness of the site’s access control facilities (Access control, video surveillance, intrusion / fire detection, time distribution, …)

HV/LV and emergency lighting installations

Safran Aircraft Engines – Villaroche – Gennevilliers - Vernon
Maintenance and operation of the HV/LV and emergency lighting installations (15 kV – 63 kV main substations, 15 kV distribution substations, 15 kV and 5.5 kV networks, inverters, generator sets, main LV board, distribution boards, the site’s distribution and lighting networks, emergency lighting and batteries, …)

Multitechnical maintenance

UTAS - Toulouse
Multitechnical maintenance: pMultaint booths, compressed air system, air-conditioning, heating, handling and lifting gear, delivery tools, test equipment, paint trolleys, vehicles, machines, moving line, electrical equipment and CTM.

Power & lighting and communications

Liebherr - Toulouse
Maintenance of the power & lighting and communications installations on the Toulouse site.

Production equipment

Stelia - Meaulte
Long-term maintenance contract
Maintenance of 148 pieces of equipment, including 21 HSM centres (PCI Météor, HLMO, DST, BMO). In the mechanical, electromechanical, automation, hydraulics, pneumatic and regulation fields.

Safran Aircraft Engines - Villaroche et Corbeil
Preventive and corrective maintenance of 1,500 pieces of production equipment and 1,200 associated pieces of equipment.