Aeronautics and Defence

Harnesses & electrical tools

Airbus - Toulouse (France)
Manufacturing and installing interface harnesses, wiring for electronic & Ironbird cabinets, for the integration simulators within the framework of the Airbus A380 & A400M programme.

Cabin 0 electrical test facilities - A350

Airbus - Hambourg (Germany)
Engineering, design, building & installation of the electrical integration bench for the « mid-section » equipment for the A350 functional cabin model.

Functional Integration Benches

Airbus – Toulouse (France)
Engineering and building the integration benches for the aircraft subsystems. These benches host the equipment (computers, man-machine interfaces) and reproduce on the ground the electrical architectures. Connected to simulators they are used for the validation and integration tests. Supplying 10 benches dedicated to the following systems:

  • Control Guidance Integration Benches (3 units)
  • 2 R&D benches on the new avionic network architectures: IRHEDO and SCARLETT
  • Power Switching, Flight Warning System
  • FSA NG Backup (3 units)

Breakout boxes - A380 & A350

Airbus - Toulouse (France)
Building and supplying breakout boxes within the framework of the Airbus A380, A400M & A350 programmes for the integration simulators and the tuning teams.
These tools are designed to provide the operator with the entire electrical interface for a piece of equipment by "splitting up its connection points " on a disconnect panel.
They fit in between a piece of equipment and its interface and will make it possible to measure, interrupt or replace the signals from a computer or another piece of equipment.