Aeronautics and Defence

A350 brake system electrical integration bench

Safran Landing Systems - Vélizy (France)
Designing and building a test bench making it possible to accommodate the main electrical equipment for the A350 brake systems and to perform verification and validation tests on the latter.

"Rafale" hot air valve test bench

Safran Ventilation Systems - Toulouse (France)
Designing and building a test bench allowing the validation of the hot air valves of the Rafale.

HighPMAAC Project

European Commission CLeanSky / Safran Electrical & Power - Colombes (France)
Engineering and building a modular monitoring & control, simulation and acquisition system for the tests on the electrical systems and equipment. This system is adapted to testing the new concepts and architecture of power networks on-board planes: integration, disturbance/distortion & energy quality, propagation of failures, network stability tests.
The objective is to qualify the maturity of the new technologies making it possible to develop planes which rely less on fossil fuels and have a reduced carbon footprint.


THALES Aeronautics Electrical Systems – Chatou / Toulouse (France)
Designing and building an electrical distribution and power switching system for an R&D test bench. This bench acts on the dynamic management of the electrical and thermal power in a plane. The system simulates the various configurations of on-board power networks and manages in real time the safety of the transitions between these configurations.

NH90 Compact Rig & Tiger PIR

Airbus Helicopters Germany – Ottobrun / Donauworth
Designing and building integration test benches dedicated to software, hardware and integration tests on the avionics systems for NH90 and Tiger helicopters. These test benches make it possible to ensure the ground-based validation of the developments and modifications to subsystems within the framework of the support and operational readiness of these fleets.

Mounting pad for tests in wind tunnel

ONERA - Chatillon (France)
Mechanical and electrical engineering, monitoring & control, manufacture, installation and commissioning of the mounting pad. This electromechanical equipment allows operators to install the sensors and measuring instruments on an aeronautical or other model, before the model is mounted in a wind tunnel.

Refurbishing control of wind tunnel for models

Airbus Helicopters Marignane (France)
Managing obsolescence on the hydraulic, electrical, monitoring & control, acquisition and supervision aspects of a measuring gantry and the model support in an air stream. This equipment makes it possible to study the aerodynamic phenomena, the flows and the flight quality, on a helicopter model for example.

H0- X4 Power trains

Airbus Helicopters Marignane (France)
Mechanical and electrical study, management and supply of 6 power trains for charging starters, generators and pumps. These power trains are incorporated into a unit which reproduces the architecture and the structure of a complete helicopter (Ironbird H0), to carry out the tests when simulating the X4 programme.

60 and 700kw power trains

Airbus Helicopters Marignane (France)
Mechanical and electrical study, management and supply of a 60 kW – 24000 rpm power trains for charging mechanical equipment. These power trains, which are the main component of the test equipment, make it possible to test mechanical transmissions of the gearbox or bell crank type, etc…

Production test bench

DASSAULT – Merignac (France)
Engineering and completion of hydraulic modules to supply the RAFALE fighter jet during the test and quality control sequences in their production hall. These modules could be adapted to all military or civil aircraft.