Purchasing policy

Supplier evaluation

The buyers assess the suppliers and subcontractors according to their performance of the purchase order and inform the Clemessy Group of their strengths, areas requiring improvement and areas requiring attention.

Purchase orders worth more than €10,000 are subject to evaluation by the buyer who processed the purchase order when the purchase order was received, apart from suppliers who benefit from a framework agreement.

Purchase orders for lesser amounts but that present a particular risk may also be assessed.
An annual campaign is conducted in January to assess suppliers with framework contracts.

The following assessment criteria are applied to suppliers and subcontractors :

  • deadlines
  • reactivity
  • availability of products
  • prices
  • quality of service
  • conformity of products and services
  • respect of formalities
  • technical documentation
  • follow-up and after-sales service
  • quality of relations and security

Each criterion is scored :

1.satisfactory (meets expectations)
2.acceptable (can do better)
3.unsatisfactory (notable shortcomings)
4.unacceptable (too many shortcomings)

After the campaign, the buyers and contract managers inform their suppliers of their assessment and implement a plan for progress where appropriate.
If no plan for progress is available, suppliers that score 4 are suspended.

The assessment criteria are supplemented by a safety criterion (e.g. wearing personal protective equipment) and an environmental criterion (e.g. selective sorting).

Offer of services

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