Purchasing policy

Purchasing ethics

All of the players in the Purchasing Network abide by the following commitments :

  • To respect the Ethic, Conviction and Responsibility programme
  • To make their best effort to defend the general interest
  • Abide by the values of sustainable procurement


Only use methods and means that are recognised by all as unimpeachable in business dealings and refuse any irregular business practices.

  • Maintain impeccable standards of integrity in all business relations, both inside and outside the company, and never serve one's personal interests
  • Achieve optimal purchasing conditions
  • Make sure that external agents behave in a morally correct manner and that the service delivered is consistent with the agreed remuneration
  • Respond promptly and courteously to all potential suppliers
  • Remain loyal and honest with all contacts
  • Refuse any form of direct or indirect personal payment, advantage in kind or financial advantage

Respect for the ethical rules applying to labour legislation

Make sure that suppliers obey the ethical rules applying to labour law, and in particular the rules of the ILO Conventions on forced labour, clandestine labour, child labour, equality of opportunity and freedom of association.


Contribute to the development of strict standards applying to professional skills throughout the purchasing function.

Safety and the Environment

  • Respect safety standards in the workplace and make sure that subcontractors enforce the same standards
  • Strictly respect the environmental standards that are part of the company's environmental management system and make sure that subcontractors obey the same rules


Any information provided by a supplier is deemed to be confidential with regard to other suppliers, unless it is clearly stipulated that the said information becomes the property of Clemessy.

Offer of services

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