Purchasing policy


Clemessy selects domestic and international suppliers capable of implementing a joint and continuous policy for increased competitive performance.

Purchasing Co-ordination :

is tasked with controlling the company-wide purchasing processes.
It negotiates the purchasing and procurement contracts or delegates negotiation and implementation to the contract buyers.

Contract purchasing managers :

the contract managers negotiate the framework contracts or framework agreements for the company and its subsiadiries in their respective sectors (discounts, delivery deadlines, sales conditions and conditional end-of-year rebates). They keep a technology watch (new products) in association with the production engineering unit, collect information about their respective markets and circulate information.

The "Enterprise" purchasing managers :

local buyers apply the Purchasing policy. They represent the company to the suppliers for the processing of calls for tender, purchase orders and any possible disputes.

Sustainable procurement policy :

procurement is involved right from the outset in customer quotations, in order to ensure the efficiency of the process and to secure projects in line with the Eiffage sustainable procurement policy.

Offer of services

Do you want to make an offer of services ?
Send a mail to purchasing coordination !

Key figures

€ 340 million

The sum total of Clemessy's annual purchases, of which €150 million are for supplies and equipment (power distribution and transport equipment, automatic control systems, mechanical equipment, instrumentation and analysis equipment, etc.)

The main categories of purchases :

  • Transformers, gensets and accumulators
  • Power distribution and transport equipment
  • Reception, application and use of power
  • IT, automatic control systems, telecommunications
  • Mechanical instrumentation and analysis systems
  • Site equipment and industrial supplies
  • Protection, safety and signage
  • Subcontracting and temporary staff