R&D programs


The problem :

International standards impose a maximum concentration of mercaptans (RSH) in kerosene.
This regulatory demand is both constrictive and costly for refiners.
Each refiner must submit the kerosene that he produces to systematic laboratory tests.
Our subsidiary Secauto, which specialises in industrial analyses, decided to identify a means of facilitating the kerosene analyses and to offer its customers an alternative solution to this problem.

Clemessy's R&D department came up with the answer :

After more than 1,000 hours of studies and the installation of a dedicated platform at the Feyzin refinery, the Secauto team developed the "Secan-RSH". This appliance is used to conduct the analyses directly and on-line on the production site with the same quality of measurement as laboratory tests. The solution offers a range of benefits :

  • real-time measurements
  • repeatable measurements
  • reliable and available equipment
  • easy to use and maintain
  • optimal costs

The Secan-RSH has already been certified by Total and the SK Corporation.

The outlook :

We pay close attention to any identical problem to which our product could be applied, such as:

  • detection of RSH in other hydrocarbons
  • analysis of low mercaptan content in kerosene
  • detection of other impurities
Vue d'un secan RSH, appareil analysant le mercaptan en entrée et en sortie de ligne
Vue de la cellule de mesure de l'analyseur de mercaptan
Vue des vannes d'injections deux voies de l'analyseur
Secan RSH vu de face