R&D programs

Heterogeneous packing

After a 3-year internal development period, staggered over 3 successive engineering and industrialisation phases, this year Clemessy is initiating the ultimate commercialisation phase for its heterogeneous order preparation solution.

This positioning as an integrator - intralogistics system designer, takes place at a time of change in logistics operations. Like industry, the supply chain must keep up with major macroeconomic trends:

  • consumption patterns,
  • an abundance of new technologies,
  • omni-channel consumption,
  • energy changes,
  • sustainable development.


Information technology and robotics are essential keys to this adaptation.

There are currently few automated solutions to handle this packing operation "on-line" which consists in optimizing the packaging of products before shipment while taking into account specificities regarding the addressee, the type of transport, the carrier medium and the products themselves.

Our heterogeneous parcel palletizing system relies on 3 essential innovative components to bring about a comprehensive solution.

3D-Module: packing calculation module

Today Clemessy has its own high-performance, scalable calculation engine.
Designed to work "on-Line", the packing calculation module determines the best placement of heterogeneous parcels on pallets, for crating, container or truck trailer loading...

Depending on the logistics operation, the tool’s high-performance processing times allow both pull and push process calculations. Various methods of calculation are possible: "run-of-river" mode with variable visibility from 1 to n parcels, "anticipatory" mode with overall visibility of the order, "additional" mode with resumption of the calculation on a partial packing already completed.

Our packing calculation engine was designed for complete integration into physical flow (operators) or mechanized logistics. This tool comes complete with equipment to guide or achieve heterogeneous palletization and thus maximize the fill rate.

Robot-Module: Robot with gripper

In order to carry out the assembly of the pallet according to the data provided by our packing calculation module, an add-on module for calculating trajectories is associated with the robot.

Our gripper (developed by Clemessy) works by carrying the parcel with support (controlled pressure) on the top, which allows low demand on it and a wide variety to be handled. Depending on configuration, several rates are displayed:

  • One robot with a gripper and one parcel entry point: 600 parcels /hr
  • One robot with a gripper and two simultaneous parcel entry points: 750 parcels /hr
  • Two head-to-tail robots on a single pallet: more than 900 parcels /hr

Laser-Module: laser-assisted manual palletizing

The robotization of palletizing is not always practicable. So we have provided for the possibility of associating our packing calculation module with a laser to provide assistance when manually assembling the pallets. This laser marks the position of the parcel on the pallet that has been calculated for it to be deposited in the correct location. This assistance makes it possible to optimize the pallet assembly time while keeping the assembly criteria taken into account in the packing module.