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Sandwich course programmes


Proof by example ... Discover some testimonies from our employees recruited by way of placements or sandwich courses.

Pauline Holder :


After completing a baccalaureate in science and a preparatory mathematics course, I joined Clemessy by way of a placement at the end of my studies, thereby validating my qualification as an Electrical Engineer from the INSA (National Institute of Applied Sciences).


I joined the DOM project, a turnkey programme for EDF involving the building of diesel power plants. My first task was to carry out an on-line monitoring system for the power plants, making it possible to perform and manage economic measurements on the production of electricity from our customer’s offices in Paris.
I supervised and carried out this whole project and was able to see it take shape throughout my training period.
Today I work as a design engineer and continue to work on this project, as part of a team of  professionals from a wide variety of technical sectors, which is a real asset in terms of experience.
The working atmosphere at Clemessy is friendly and pleasant. Its strong corporate culture gives it a very human dimension.

Antoine Bitschene :


Recruited in 2006 as an electrical engineering apprentice, I am currently an apprentice engineer in the field of electrical engineering in the Aeronautical, Space and Transport department.


As I wasn’t very keen on studying at high school, I decided to focus on a vocational baccalaureate in electrical engineering on a sandwich course within the Tabelec department of Clemessy.
Once I had obtained my diploma, I continued my apprenticeship in Electrical Engineering and Industrial IT (DUT GEII) in the Aeronautics and Space department. The sandwich course allowed me to work on some exciting projects, like for example the in-flight refuelling programme for the international space station.
I am currently on an electrical engineering course. As my tutor was recruited by way of a sandwich course, he therefore understands my expectations and provides me with support during my studies.
My background and experience allow me to understand and to put into practice what I have learnt in theory. After obtaining my degree, I hope to pursue my career at Clemessy…

Adeline Madenspacher :


After a temporary work assignment, I joined Clemessy by way of an apprenticeship contract to study for a vocational baccalaureate in electrical engineering.


With a prior diploma in electrical engineering, I was having trouble finding my first job. I worked for a few months as a temp in the Tabelec department. I liked the working environment and the workshop manager wanted to hire me; all the same he suggested that I study for a vocational baccalaureate in electrical engineering, which I gladly agreed to do.
I therefore obtained my diploma while remaining financially independent.
Clemessy is the ideal company to learn at. The tutors easily put their faith in their apprentice: they enable us to establish the link between the courses we do and actual work done at the company.
I thought when joining this course of study that the profession of cable fitter was for men only but I am now able to carry out all kinds of work on a switch cabinet. As a matter of fact, my former supervisor, who previously did the same job as me, is now a team leader.