Human resources

H.R. policy

The development of our employees’ skills is at the heart of our Human Resources policy. Innovative measures are implemented to support our employees and develop their talents :


    Welcoming you: a fundamental first stage 

    The aim of this approach is to offer you an integration programme based on getting to know the company, its culture, its rules and the particularities of its businesses. It is built around several actions : from time to time by a certain number of events and meetings organised for the new employees and continuously by training and sponsorship.

A good start is the best guarantee for success both for the company and the employee


    Management by objectives: the personal interview

    The personal interview constitutes an opportunity for exchanges and dialogue between the employee and their superior. It takes place once a year for the managerial and supervisory staff and at least every two years for the other employees. The aim is to review the past year and the objectives for the year to come. It is also the time when career development expectations, geographical mobility and training courses can be discussed. Performing this interview is an essential tool when it comes to managing the woman and men working for our company.

The personal interview is an opportunity for the manager and the employee to exchange opinions in order to individualise the development programmes.


    Promote internal developments

    Clemessy’s culture is strongly influenced by the desire to first and foremost focus on the development of its employees.
    This policy of internal promotion, a real "social ladder", has recently been amplified by the implementation of a vast plan for " professional development". Our ambition is to increase the level of responsibility of over 800 employees over the 2009/2013 period. This plan will apply to all professions and all levels of qualification. It accompanies our Business project and is part of our continuous agreement relating to the forward-looking management of jobs and skills.

    Each position is offered first to the company’s employees who have privileged access to the list of vacant positions published via the intranet and via a jobs bulletin, sent to their homes every two months.

Thanks to an ongoing dialogue between the employees, their superiors and the Human Resources Department, we seek the best possible adequation between the opportunities and each person’s career development aspirations.


    Support internal developments by vocational training 

    Faced with the developments in our businesses and the diversity of the contexts in which we work, training the employees is a necessity.

    Clemessy invests well beyond the legal obligation and has an ambitious policy in this field: the company invested over 5.15 % of its wage bill in 2012 in training; as a result 1 in 2 employees went on a training course in 2011.

    Our in-house training centre, the “Institut des Métiers” (IDM), designs and deploys training programmes which can range from vocational certificates (CQPM) right through to degrees. These programmes are accessible to all our employees and concern all the company’s businesses.

    They are varied (project management, site organisation, business management, technical and safety ...) and allow employees:

    • to gain operational knowledge and vocational methods
    • to familiarise themselves with management tools which are part of the values, the culture and the strategy of our company
    • to share their experience
    • to join the "businesses" networks


    Each module is designed by the IDM teams based on the requirements expressed by the company’s operational or functional managers. The courses are primarily taught by in-house trainers who are experts in their fields.

Prepared by our in-house training centre, tailor-made training programmes are proposed to instigate the career development of each and everyone.


    Respect differences and equal opportunities for everyone

    Both cultural and social, the diversity of our employees is a valuable resource.

    In order to attract the most diverse talents, we have structured a recruitment and mobility management process which guarantees the principle of non-discrimination and enhancing skills.

    It is with this in mind that we signed an agreement with the trade unions on equal opportunities in the workplace for men and women in 2007. Clemessy was one of the first companies in France to sign such an agreement.

     The objectives of the agreement:

    • increase the proportion of female employees
    • achieve parity in terms of promotion, training, remuneration and career development.


    Indicators defined for each of the objectives make it possible to measure how they are evolving and are presented once a year during a monitoring commission meeting.

Promoting pluralism and seeking diversity through recruitment and skills management are important for achieving progress, cohesion and performance for our company.


    The desire for a social relationship or the word « partner » takes on its full meaning

    This approach is based on the principles of honesty and transparency, which govern the relations between the Human Resources Managers, the trade unions and the management.

    This tradition of constructive dialogue and negotiation has resulted in numerous agreements being signed such as those on :

    • forward-looking job and skills management 
    • geographical mobility
    • employing seniors and  age management 
    • incentives and profit-sharing 
    • equal opportunities for Men and Women 
    • improving social security cover...

CLEMESSY want to develop and foster social dialogue at all levels within the company.

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