Clemessy Nucléaire, a first market in England


Associated within a Joint Venture (JV) with Efinor, Clemessy won the contract for the engineering and completion of the two control rooms and control simulator of the Hinkley Point C EPR, located in England.

On behalf of its new customer, EDF Energy - Nuclear New Build (NNB), Clemessy Nucléaire will be in charge of the electrical work package, contributing to the design and construction of the two units of the new power plant, located about 50 km from Bristol, on the west coast of Somerset in the United Kingdom.
"This order allows Clemessy Nucléaire to position itself on the Hinkley Point project as a "Tier 1 Contractor ", more generally on the nuclear market in England and, consequently, it will allow the development of our subsidiary Clemessy UK", emphasises Thibaut Stoessel, the project leader.

After three years of engineering, which will start in January 2018, our employees will start to manufacture the modular simulator (for one year), before undertaking three years’ work on site. This work will in particular include the cabling of the equipment installed and the various desks, including the main on-site control desk (which represents approximately 10,000 connections on its own).

In charge of the entire electrical part of the contract, our teams will also install the cable ducts, lighting, outlets and earthing, the power supply and control units in the control room and on the six adjoining premises and carry out the commissioning of the equipment.

Clemessy Nucléaire concludes its first deal with England for EPR Hinkley Point C

Clemessy Nucléaire concludes its first deal with England for EPR Hinkley Point C