80 candles for Clemessy Tabelec


To celebrate the 80th anniversary of the start of its switchboard manufacturing business, the Clemessy Tabelec® department organized an open day for the families of its employees and retired staff on Saturday 17th June.

This event was an opportunity to introduce the expertise of Tabelec®, to share the daily life of the employees, to exchange and create new links between colleagues and families in a friendly atmosphere.

Those invited were able to visit the workshops throughout the day, participate in interactive workshops, or attend demonstrations such as copper shaping or cryogenic cleaning.

Today Tabelec® is the department of Clemessy and its subsidiaries, specializing in the design and construction of withdrawable, disconnectable and fixed main LV boards. Tabelec® currently employs 120 people, occupies more than 5,000 m² of workshop space and builds equipment for the whole world.
This business unit, which has always been based in Mulhouse, can pride itself on being one of the largest in its specialist field in France.