New pharmaceutical reference


Mithra Pharmaceuticals has inaugurated phase 1 of its brand new development and production centre in Flémalle, near Liege in Belgium.
This pharmaceutical company specializing in women's health manufactures forms of polymers, implants and sterile injectables.
A phase 2 is planned and will be devoted to the production of tablets.

Under phase 1, Hyline Belgium carried out the engineering, qualification and all the installation work concerning the process fluids, involving the distribution of the following:

  • the clean gases: helium, argon, hydrogen, nitrogen, CO2
  • the purified, distilled water, sterile steam
  • clean compressed air
    and ensuring the connection of fluids to the production machines.

This contract was carried out to the customer’s satisfaction.

Clemessy and Hyline team in Mithra Pharmaceutical

Clemessy and Hyline team in Mithra Pharmaceutical