The chimneys of the Le Havre thermal power plant lit up


On the 500th anniversary of Le Havre, a port city on the Unesco world heritage list, EDF awarded Clemessy the contract to implement the architectural illumination of the chimneys of the thermal power plant.

3 km of electric garlands comprised of 476 LED lighting lamps (energy saving LED studs) were thus made in the Le Havre workshop. The installation work on the upper part of each chimney at a height of 78 m was carried out this summer by acrobatic work specialists. The lights are visible at 360 ° up to 50 km away and consume only 2.4 kW per chimney.

On Friday 28th October, on the occasion of the signing of the partnership agreement between the city of Le Havre and the thermal power plant, a lighting test bathing one of the chimneys in blue light for a few minutes was carried out to the customer’s complete satisfaction.

The lights will be visible from 7th February 2017, the anniversary of the creation of the port.

Lightning test on the Havre thermal power plant

Lightning test on the Havre thermal power plant