A new reference in the hydroelectric sector


Within the framework of work carried on the Kembs dam, EDF DPIH has awarded Clemessy with the electrical, monitoring & control and general mechanical work packages.

The project

EDF DPIH has obtained the renewal of the Kembs hydroelectric concession and has committed to carrying out new work on the dam which should be put into service in the summer of 2016:

  • an instream flow release plant called Plant B (Plant A installed on the left bank of the dam was built in 1965)
  • an upstream fish migration structure consisting of two circuits: a circuit between the old Rhine downstream from the B plant and the Grand Canal d'Alsace (GCA) and a circuit from the renatured arm running through the Rhine Island and the GCA
  • surface and deepwater downstream fish migration structures from the GCA to th renatured arm running through the Rhine Island.

The project has to take into account many environmental constraints given that the area of the Rhine between the GCA and the old Rhine island is classified as a "Natura 2000 area".

Synergy of skills

Several of the group's companies are collaborating on this project :

  • Package 2 – the electrical installation and monitoring & control work will be carried out by Clemessy.
    One of the particularities of the work done is the underwater crossing of a 20kV link in the Grand Canal d'Alsace, to be connected to the ErDF substation.
  • Package 6 – The general mechanical installation work which integrates the drainage, ventilation, smoke extraction, fire detection and fire fighting systems will be carried out by Clemessy, Fluides’IT and Désenfum’Est.

It's worth noting that Package 4 - civil engineering (headrace canal, plant and fish migration structures) will be implemented by Eiffage TP Clermont and Transroute Mulhouse.

[Translate to English:] Vue du futur bâtiment EDF à proximité de Kembs en Alsace

View of the future EDF building near Kembs