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The Beatus-Rhenanus bridge illuminated


Clemessy Strasbourg carried out the lighting and electrification of the Beatus-Rhenanus bridge, which was opened to traffic in April 2017, for the CTS (Strasbourg Transportation Company).

Measuring 290 m long and 16 m wide, it offers a multi-modal cross-border link: pedestrian and cycle paths as well as a tramway line.

The lighting consists of [...]

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New expertise for Game Ingenierie


As specialists in the maintenance of laboratory equipment, Game Ingénierie carries out work in numerous research laboratories throughout France.

The subsidiary has developed industrial transfer expertise in this field and has just been chosen by the CEA in Grenoble for an overall microelectronics research equipment transfer project.
The teams involved will carry out the [...]

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Clemessy to carry out electrical works on the Lyon underground


Sytral, the Public Transport Authority responsible for maintaining the Lyon underground, has chosen Clemessy and the Tabelec® department to carry out electrical works on lines A, B and C.

The Clemessy Lyon office will be in charge of most of the engineering and site work, whereas Tabelec® will carry out the engineering concerning the main low-voltage switchboards (MLVS) and manufacturing them.

The teams involved will have to replace the 24 main LV boards which were put into service during the construction of the underground in 1975. Each of these switchboards currently supplies power to one of the 24 underground stations spread out along[...]

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