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Syclone by Clemessy at the Worldwide Measurement Conference in Slovenia


The Clemessy Aeronautics and Spatial control-command teams will host conferences and workshops at the World Measurement Conference to be held from April 15 to 19 in Slovenia.
This global event brings together all players in the field of measurement and control for critical industrial applications.

Thanks to Syclone, the modular control and measurement solution and Clemessy's involvement in the[...]

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Revamping of the gas metering at the El Borma hydrocarbon site


Following an on-site expertise conducted by Secauto in June 2017, Meci and Secauto will intervene as part of the revamping of the gas metering at the El Borma hydrocarbon site.

Meci will provide the calculators for transactional gas metering and Secauto a Gas Chromatograph (GC) and its [...]

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Emergency intervention for Cristal Union in Arcis sur Aube


Clemessy Motors intervened urgently at Cristal Union in Arcis sur Aube to repair a faulty turbo-alternator.
The incident that occurred during the holiday season demonstrated the availability, efficiency and know-how of the teams who proceeded to the immediate[...]

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