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SARA renews its confidence in Clemessy


After working together for 30 years, the SARA* has recently renewed its confidence in Clemessy by awarding it the 3-year maintenance contract for its Lamentin site in [...]

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Greater Paris: Clemessy designs and builds the monitoring and control equipment for the Thermal Smart Grid of the Plateau de Saclay


In charge of developing the Plateau de Saclay as an international research and innovation centre, the Paris Saclay Local Planning and Development Agency (EPAPS) has signed a Design, Building, Operation and Maintenance (DBOM) contract with the IDEX - EGIS consortium for a period of seven years. These two companies have undertaken to create an urban heating and cooling network on two joint development zones (ZAC) and have chosen Clemessy to design and build the monitoring and control equipment for the Thermal Smart Grid which will control all the installations implemented on the two ZACs.

Unlike usual urban heating and cooling networks, the Plateau de Saclay network has one decentralized production model per district and a centralized additional heating and cooling supply. Each ZAC therefore has two geothermal boreholes (i.e. a doublet) made in the Albian groundwater table (approximately 30°C). The new thermal network proposed by the consortium will be fully incorporated into the future Paris Saclay Smart Energy Programme (led by the EPAPS).

The monitoring & control system which Clemessy has to design and build must allow all the [...]

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The Beatus-Rhenanus bridge illuminated


Clemessy Strasbourg carried out the lighting and electrification of the Beatus-Rhenanus bridge, which was opened to traffic in April 2017, for the CTS (Strasbourg Transportation Company).

Measuring 290 m long and 16 m wide, it offers a multi-modal cross-border link: pedestrian and cycle paths as well as a tramway line.

The lighting consists of [...]

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