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Identify and influence the specifications of your markets


Clemessy will be taking part in a conference organized by Acanor / CCI on Thursday 7th December in Mulhouse.
Philippe Wolfarth, methods engineer at Clemessy, will discuss how monitoring is organised within the company and how it takes into consideration regulatory and standards-related requirements on projects.

The conference will be held at the [...]

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Clemessy fuels up on biomethane!


GRT Gaz has awarded the contract to design and produce 3 skids (or injection stations) to the Clemessy Metz local office, which specializes in injecting biomethane into the natural gas transmission networks.
In collaboration with the subsidiary[...]

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Clemessy acquired Lebas Industries, a company based in Lezennes (59) near Lille


Lebas Industries is a design office that provides project management or turnkey services in the design and production of complete production units in the biotechnology, agri-food, pharmaceutical and [...]

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