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Clemessy refurbishes the Baza tunnel


The Eiffage Infrastructures and Clemessy consortium has recently been awarded the contract to refurbish the Baza tunnel, for the Direction Interdépartementale des Routes du Massif-Central, the owner.

The Baza Tunnel is a 360 m-long road tunnel, located on the RN102 road. It makes it possible to [...]

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MECI wins the Trophy for Innovation


During the regional Innovation Conference organised by the ARITT Centre-Val de Loire on 20th September, our subsidiary MECI, specialising in transactional metering of liquid and gas hydrocarbons received an award for the development of its new product the SM@RT U.

The SM@RT U is a comprehensive telemetry[...]

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Antwerspace (Group OHB) choses Clemessy Switzerland for ExoMars 2018


Antwerpspace (OHB Group) has awarded Clemessy Switzerland the contract to design and develop the ground test systems for the Carrier Module between Earth and the orbit of Mars in connection with the ExoMars 2018 mission.

Clemessy Switzerland had already been awarded the contract in 2011 to supply the ground-based electrical test means for all the equipment concerning the ExoMars 2016 mission and in 2014 for the

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