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Energy efficiency for the Ministry of Defence


The ESID * in Toulon has just awarded Clemessy the contract involving the installation and maintenance of a remote-reading system for managing the consumption of fluids on the real-estate sites belonging to the base in Toulon.

The system is designed to collect data relating to the consumption of electricity, gas, water[...]

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Satellite test benches for Korea


The KARI (Korean Aerospace Research Institute) has awarded Clemessy Switzerland the contract to design and build two solar panel simulators for their various space programmes.

This contract will enable the KARI to simulate [...]

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Airbus puts its trust in Clemessy


Airbus has awarded Clemessy AST the contract to build and supply the harnesses for the A320 aircraft test facilities on its final assembly lines in Hamburg (Germany) and Mobile (Alabama, USA).

These test facilities make it possible to validate the product (single-aisle A320 range) upon production completion, before the final assembly operations on the engines and the flight tests.

In all, more than [...]

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