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Renovation of an alternator for the Banca power plant


As part of its hydro-power activity, Clemessy Motors was chosen to renovate the G3 alternator at the Banca power plant in the Pyrénées Atlantiques region.
Installed in 1913, this alternator, built by CEM BOURGET, has since been driving a turbine in the Aldudes waters under a fall from a height of 100m.

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Construction of a new production unit for Eurogentec, Kaneka Group


As part of the construction of an API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) production unit covering over 1200m², Hyline carried out work for its customer Eurogentec involving the piping and automation for the following units: [...]

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DGA Missile Tests - New acquisition and monitoring & control systems.


In 2015, the DGA (French Defence Procurement Agency) awarded EES-Clemessy the contract to revamp 16 test systems.
Used on all types of ammunition and missile propellants, these test facilities feature very high technical performance and strict safety requirements.
By way of comparison, if the monitoring & control system of an Ariane 6 launcher operates at 200 kmph, that of a missile test system operates at around 10,000 kmph.

Achieving such a level of performance is based on the implementation of the SYCLONE by Clemessy real-time modular software, coupled with the DEWESoft measurement systems, communicating on an EtherCAT network.

The first phase of the project has just been [...]

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