A century of history

In 1900, during his holidays, Eugène Clemessy converted an old mill near Brunstatt, France into an electric power station that supplied a number of localities.


The beginnings were modest: one store selling electrical accessories and three electricians working for the general public.

the small company turned towards the industrial market by setting up a repair shop for electric motors. In 1937, it diversified to include the installation of telephones. Five years later, it started manufacturing distribution panels.

Diversification will remain one of the characteristics and strengths of the family-owned company. As early as 1932, it incorporates the telephone installation business, and then five years later starts to manufacture distribution boards. Increasingly geared towards industrial customers, in particular the textile industry, the company now has a hundred or so employees.

André Clemessy takes up the challenge after the death of his father. He is only 32 years old but already has sound experience in the trade in which he was trained by the company’s founder.

300 people work at the Dentsche, a former textile factory in Mulhouse, which now houses the company. The motor rewinding and repair workshop is operating at full capacity. «Winding» is the company’s main activity serving the mines and iron and steel industry.


The company is transformed into a Public Limited Company. The turnover is now 15 million euros and the workforce stands at 670 people. Office equipment, the predecessor to the computer, is operational and makes it possible to handle the running of the company.


The opening of the Colmar regional office completes the «map » of local offices which was started in 1962 with Metz and Strasbourg. The installation business is handled by the regional offices. The company employs 920 people and boasts a turnover of 30 million euros. 

The company ventured onto export markets (Cameroon, Chad, Guinea, Gabon, Pakistan, USSR). This period also marked the beginning of a long partnership with the CNES in French Guyana, where Clemessy set up in 1969 and took part in the construction of the Kourou space centre.1971The company continued to grow, with 1,850 employees and a revenue of €90 million. It was at this time that Clemessy started to include automatic control systems and preventive techniques in its offering. In 1975, the participation in the French nuclear programme consolidated the company's reputation. The Group had 2,200 employees, with a revenue of €137 million.

Taking part in the French nuclear program makes it possible to consolidate the Mulhouse-based company’s reputation. During the construction of the Fessenheim power plant in 1973, Clemessy wins its biggest ever contract. The number of export references increases: electrical installation work at the Tananarive slaughterhouses in Madagascar, equipment for the Taabo hydroelectric power plant in the Ivory Coast, electrical equipment for the Posco III coking plant in Korea… Several subsidiaries have joined the company the same year. The head office is established at 18 rue de Thann on the former premises of the DMC textile factory in Mulhouse. The company employs 2,200 people and achieves a turnover of 137 million euros.

Jean-Paul Marbacher is appointed as Chairman and Managing Director. André Clemessy retires and will remain Honorary Chairman until his death in 1996.

The company continues to expand in France : regional offices are opened in Valognes, Rouen, Saint-Etienne, Montpellier, Orléans and Dijon. The export adventure continues in Iraq, Syria, Tunisia, Brazil…One year before, Clemessy joined the very exclusive club of high-technology suppliers for the Ariane launcher. As part of an international consortium, the CNES awards it the contract for the industrial IT package relating to the monitoring & control system for filling the Ariane rocket and for the synchronised countdown sequence. Turnover exceeds 150 million euros.

Since it was set up, Clemessy's development has relied on the professional quality of its work and services. When it comes to working in line with Quality Assurance requirements, the firm has gained proven experience in the nuclear, aerospace and armaments sectors. Fully aware of what is at stake , Clemessy engages in an ambitious «Total Quality» programme. The Metz area office obtains ISO 9000 certification. It is the first time that an electrical engineering company of this size is awarded this qualification. All the other regional offices will follow suite.

The strategy of proximity is continued with new establishments or subsidiaries being taken over. The objective: be as close as possible to customers to provide them with the best possible service. Clemessy , which exceeds 450 million euros in turnover, supports its customers in their development projects. Being present on a daily basis ensures that large industrial sites’ production facilities are available and optimised. 

1999the Clemessy family sold its shares to the EDF-COGEMA-SIEMENS consortium. In october 2000 GAME, specialised in maintenance engineering, joined Clemessy.

The family-owned company, founded in 1908 by Eugène Clemessy, has given way an international company. It is called upon to work in all the key sectors of our planet’s development, in particular in the energy and environment sectors, in the wake of its new main shareholder, DALKIA.

In an effort to support the employment and skills development initiative, management decided to set up the "Trades Academy" (Institut Des Métiers). Every year, the Academy welcomes some 1,000 interns.

Clemessy joins the Eiffage Group, a leading figure in the European concessions and public works sector. (70 000 coworkers - 14 billions euros turnover in 2014)


WIthin the Systems Division (Energy branch) of the EIFFAGE Group, Clemessy continues to grow.

With a turnover of €633m and 5,000 employees, the company has several establishments abroad and is recognised as the specialist to refer to in electrical and mechanical engineering.

Magasin rue de la Sinne à Mulhouse

Bobine en cours de rembobinage dans les ateliers Clemessy

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Clemessy, ensemblier en système de production et d'essais dédiés à l'industrie automobile