Systems and expertise

Real-time and critical processes

Our expertise centre implements supervision, automation and measuring systems for processes requiring a high level of availability, safety and traceability.

Primarily providing expertise in the space, aeronautics, defence and nuclear research sectors, our work and services cover the whole life cycle of high added value industrial systems.

  • Consultancy and audit services regarding installations to be refurbished
  • Design and development 
  • Taking into account  Nuclear Safety, Operating Safety (OS) and Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) 
  • Functional and standards qualification (Europe, Canada, United States) 
  • Installation and commissioning 
  • Training, maintenance

Supervision and automation:

  • 24/7 production process control, monitoring and automation system 
  • Refurbishing of existing installations (energy, fluids, CTM/CBM ETM, HVAC, ATEX, ...) 
  • Machine-Machine Interface (MMI) limiting operator risks 
  • Retrofitting systems off-load 
  • Airport runway lighting

Real-time control / measuring systems:

  • For high-performance control of your critical systems:  
  • Conditioning, acquisition, archiving and analysis of test measurements 
  • Control and measuring systems for launchers, military vectors and boosters 
  • Sequencer and real-time monitoring & control motor 
  • Ultra high-frequency simulation and test facilities (100µs)

Syclone: the modular solution for developing supervision systems

The direct benefit of our solution is a reduction in acquisition and operating costs. Compared to solutions on the market, development times are halved. When it comes to operating/maintenance, the customer is totally free to modify its application according to the possibilities which it has specified beforehand.

  • No longer necessary to be an IT specialist to develop : a graphical control sequencer 
  • Implementation of software modules ranging from the simplest to the most modern (mapping, vision, deferred time measurements, ...) 
  • A deterministic real-time runtime engine 
  • A modular, efficient and multi-OS (LINUX, Microsoft Windows) supervision solution
  • Lifetime 3 times longer than standard supervision on the market 
  • Integration into heterogeneous processes (old, new protocols, from serial links to hypervision and GPS) 
  • Supervision which adapts to the various generations of process.