Systems and expertise

R&D test systems

Clemessy Système d'Essais Automobile (SEA) has all the expertise relating to test benches for components or powertrains.

Electric drive robots :

  • Installed on test benches to carry out tests, they make it possible to validate synchros, gear change efforts, creaks...
  • Fitted inside the vehicle, they replace the human being driving the vehicle on a roller bench, when performing endurance tests and characterisations. They can also be used in climatic chambers, ensuring that a very high level of human behaviour is reproduced (road laws...)
    They enable data to be captured and processed, road behaviours to be performed again and summary reports to be generated.

Electric actuators :

They are used on test benches to characterise gear change effort actions, on controls, gearboxes or powertrains, both in endurance or short cycle conditions.

Synchro test benches :

Wear and tear tests on the synchros under stress carried out for endurance and characterisation purposes.

Roller test benches in climatic, aeroclimatic, acoustic, NVH chamber ... :

For testing rimpull, anti-pollution meaurements, acoustic tests, vibratory tests in endurance and characterisation cycles on vehicles or prototypes.

Electric motor test bench :

For measurements during rimpull, consumption, autonomy tests on high-speed electric vehicles (> 20,000 rpm).

Mathematical modelisation for finished shafting elements :

SEA carries out the mathematical modelisations of shaftings, gearbox systems... and on request.

Transfer of fluids - Component tests:

The Clemessy fluid expertise centre has extensive skills when it comes to designing hydraulic test benches for all types of fluids (glycol water, urea, AdBlue®, fuel, oil, CO2, Skydrol, Hyjet, ...).
We design and build test facilities like cycled pressure benches, cycled temperature benches, mechanical fatigue benches, ....

For more details,use tab: Hydraulic and Aeraulic equipment.

Worth noting

SEA proposes CYLABE, test bench driving software :
- real-time monitoring & control function
- oscilloscope functions
- analyser
- test report

<span style="color: rgb(226, 0, 37);"Adaptable to all types of test bench whether refurbished or new.

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