Systems and expertise

Production test systems

Clemessy Système d'Essais Automobile (SEA) offers a wealth of expertise dedicated to component or power train test benches.

Cold engine performance test benches :

These benches are designed to test the engines’ components, by way of no-load rotation.
The tuning, compression, vibrations, etc. are checked.

Charge test benches :

These benches, placed in the production cycle, make it possible to fill the engines with fluids, prime the fuel pump as well as perform pressure checks. Rotation is carried out via the starter ring-gear at low speed.

Hot engine performance test benches :

In the production cycle, these benches perform checks on the engines when running. The checks concern oil, cooling water, fuel and air pressure and leak checks. They also check the operating temperatures, speed build-up, balancing...
During speed build-ups, the smooth running of all the components is checked and the parameters are recorded.
The hot test benches are driven with no-load or on-load.

Revamping of engine test benches :

Clemessy SEA handles developments on all types of engine test benches, by changing and adapting existing means to comply with developments and new productions of engines. Mechanical, automation, data processing modifications, etc.


SEA proposes CYLABE, test bench driving software:
- real-time monitoring & control function
- oscilloscope functions
- analyser
- test report

Adaptable to all types of test bench whether refurbished or new.