Systems and expertise

Integrator and wiring of systems for specific environments

Relying on our wealth of experience and references with many players in the fields of aeronautics, space and defence, our teams master the standards and requirements in these sectors.

Our offer of services in integration and wiring of systems includes:

  • Electric models of airplanes, satellites and vehicles  
  • Specific wiring and harnesses for aeronautics and space  
  • Hardening of on-board equipment (Vibrations, shocks, noises) 
  • Specific integration of complex equipment

Shocks, vibrations, electromagnetic disturbances, salt spray, extreme temperatures

No matter how harsh the external environment is, we make the standard products available on the market able to withstand your operating constraints: submarine, earthquakes, booster test benches.

Certification for the North-American market

Whatever the required certification (NRTL…) our team of specialists assists you or completely designs your systems for these markets where the standards are specific.