18 rue Léo Valentin
Parc économique Le Saut de Cerf
88000 Epinal
Tél : +33 (0)3 29 31 11 33

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Systems and expertise

HVB stations

A centre of excellence specialised in HVB/HVA high-voltage electric substations from 63 to 400 KV.
Creation, extension, modification or renovation.
Maintenance and analysis, self-diagnostic, preventive or corrective maintenance

Engineering :

  • Engineering of VHV and HVB/HVA substations from 400 KV to 63/20 KV, including the HVB/HVA equipment and systems, civil works, metal frameworks, HVB and HVA connections and LV command and control.
  • Assistance for the project owner in the preliminary steps: impact studies, administrative declarations, application for planning permission.

Works :

  • Supply, assembly, installation and commissioning of all the HV, LV and command-control equipment of the VHV and HVB/HVA substations, from 400 KV to 63/20 KV.
  • Control and co-ordination of contractors specialised in civil works, metal frameworks, handling, command-control and communications.

Maintenance of the different component parts of the High Voltage station and its equipment (transformer with or without load regulation, HV circuit breaker), including :

  • Expertise in inventory, oil analyses, thermography and settings.
  • Preventive maintenance with regular inspections, partial or total revision with intervention reports.
  • Corrective maintenance by repairing faults.
  • Production of intervention reports.