Systems and expertise

Electrical switchboards

Tabelec designs and builds your specific electrical equipment for all your applications in numerous fields: on-board equipment, nuclear environment, test centre, simulator, etc ...

Contact one of our business managers directly in order to study the feasibility of your projects.

On-board units :

  • LV, marine and rail electronics, etc.
  • Reconditioning and new constructions

National defence equipment :

  • Engineering and design
  • Prototypes, series

Units for nuclear applications :

  • Individual specifications, special paint
  • Reactions to earthquakes according to prescription and the local spectrum

Adaptation to naval requirements :

  • Fixed or detachable LV panels
  • Fixed or detachable starter units
  • Distribution cabinets and units
  • Control and junction units

Reconstruction and renovation of electric equipment :

  • On-board (rail and naval)
  • Test bench cabinets
  • Special power electronics cabinets

Racks :

  • Racks for test benches
  • Racks for aerospace and naval air applications
  • Computer and supervision racks

Design and production of wiring harnesses :

  • Assembly of cables, harnesses, bundles
  • Copper, silver or aluminium wires
  • Potting connectors
  • Glass optical fibre

Tabelec, based in Mulhouse, France, is specialised in the design, manufacture, renovation, installation and commissioning of electric switchboards. Discover our other products and services : CUBIC series switchboards, SYFORM series switchboards, standard metal cabinets and units and special equipment.