Systems and expertise

Electrical switchboards

The CUBIC series comprises switchboards with draw-out systems, with movable or fixed plates and main Low-Voltage Boards.

Tabelec designs and builds your switchboards based on the CUBIC modular system. We incorporate the switchgear of your choice into it, after having checked the design according to the EN 61439-2 standard.
All of our products are certified with the KEMA-KEUR mark of conformity.

In addition, our products from the CUBIC series are qualified by EDF for its thermal and nuclear power plants and have received the TOTAL Group’s approval.

The CUBIC series :

  • TABELEC analysis and design based on the Cubic modular system
  • Integration of appliances from different manufacturers
  • Certified "Series assembly" according to the standard EN 61439-2
  • Qualified by EDF for thermal and nuclear power stations

Switchboards with detachable drawers :

  • LV panels up to 7000 A Icw 120 kA
  • Motor Control Centre switchboards
  • Power Control Centre switchboards
  • Service index IS333, shape 3b or 4b

Switchboards with detachable plates :

  • LV panels up to 7000 A Icw 120 kA
  • Power Control Centre switchboards
  • Service index IS 223 - IS 233

Tabelec, based in Mulhouse, France, is specialised in the design, manufacture, renovation, installation and commissioning of electric switchboards. Discover our other products and services : switch cabinets and special equipment.