Maintenance and services

Verification and calibration of equipment

Our specialized technicians perform calibrations and verifications of a wide range of electrical and electronic equipment, also for measurement at frequencies > 10 KHz.

R&D Test benches, manufacturing test benches, manufacturing lines, testing laboratories

With a rich and continuous improvement through our feedback process experience, our business covers the needs of the following equipment:

  • Oscillators and frequency counters
  • Oscilloscopes
  • RF power generators
  • RF power sensors
  • RF power meters
  • Electromagnetic field meters and antennas
  • Low frequency meters and generators (< 10 KHz)
  • Test equipments for electrical safety
  • Spectrum analyzers
  • Receivers and emitters for EMC tests, EMI included (Electromagnetic Immunity)
  • High voltage pulses and fast transients generators

Our services :

  • Booking of the calibration in order to reduce the turn-around time
  • Fast Calibrations (24H) on demand
  • Auto-recall: we will remind you the expiry calibration date of your equipment when in our database
  • Yearly and multi-yearly framework contracts: optimization of our relative administrative costs
  • Maintenance and repair quotations
  • Consultancy about the metrological confirmation of your equipment
  • Professional training on measurement methods and uncertainty of measurement evaluation