Maintenance and services


Servicing safety valves

Our workshops carry out the work of servicing safety valves, whatever the manufacturer.

Our work and services :

  • Taking delivery of items in the workshop
  • Creating a single workshop follow-up card
  • Mounting on the bench with operating surveys
  • Locating the direction of assembly of all the parts comprising the valve.
  • Dismantling the whole unit
  • Cleaning the whole unit by shotpeening depending on the type and the state of the materials
  • Glazing of the flap gates and seatings using 15µ, 5µ, 1µ diamond paste
  • Reassembly of the valve parts
  • Mounting on the bench
  • Off-load test, functional check
  • Valve calibration test. 3 successive tests with a value of + - 1% of the IOP (Initial Opening Pressure)
  • Tightness test 10/11ths of the IOP. Value less than 6cm3/per minute
  • Digital recording of the test over 2 minutes
  • Obstructions of the valve orifices
  • Painting
  • Issuing a service certificate with the graph printed out

We also handle the work of :

  • Supplying the spare parts (body gaskets, screws and bolts...)
  • Dismantling and reassembly on site
  • Transportation to and from the site/workshop