Maintenance and services


Automatic Valve Repair

Our workshops which specialise in repairing automatic valves rigorously implement, stage by stage, the processes which ensure that you benefit from the best possible service.

Our work and services :

  • Taking delivery of items in the workshop
  • Creating a single workshop follow-up card
  • Mounting on the bench with operating surveys
  • Locating the direction of assembly of all the parts comprising the valve.
  • (Positioner, manual control, pressure reducing valve filter, etc…)
  • Dismantling the whole unit
  • Cleaning the whole unit by shotblasting or shotpeening depending on the type and the state of the materials
  • Valve seat and flap gate grinding. (Grinding paste grain 60, 120, 240) or replacement of the inner parts (Supply in addition)
  • Machining of the raised faces of flange joints, as necessary
  • Cleaning, refitting the valve body, the seating and the flap gate
  • Refurbishing the stuffing box
  • Mounting the valve body on the bench. Tightness test according to established protocol and according to the type of valve (Air or water type test)
  • Painting the valve body
  • Dismantling the actuator. Visual inspection of the state of the diaphragm. Replacement of the diaphragm if need be (Supply in addition)
  • Reassembly of the actuator
  • Trial run according to the pressures prescribed by the manufacturer
  • Painting the actuator
  • Dismantling, cleaning and reassembling the instruments air ducts for the pressure reducing valve filter and the positioner
  • Painting the positioner and pressure reducing valve filter if need be.
  • Reassembly of all the valve parts
  • Replacement, if necessary, of the copper or other stems
  • Mounting on the bench. Adjustment of the valve with its positioner according to the initial surveys. For example, direct, Split Range, Cascade, etc…
  • Issuing a service certificate


We also handle the work of :

  • Supplying the spare parts (braids, body gaskets, screws and bolts...)
  • Reloading and machining the severely damaged valve components
  • Dismantling and reassembly on site
  • Transportation to and from the site/workshop