Maintenance and services

Sensitive sites

As a design-build contractor and integrator of security systems for sensitive sites, EES-Clemessy implements solutions dedicated to your projects or works and offers you its expertise to carry out the required maintenance.
We carry out work all year round alongside our customers to keep their safety and security facilities in operational readiness at many highly sensitive sites, requiring appropriate approvals and a high level of availability.

Certifications suited to your maintenance

Our internal approach is in line with the inter-ministerial directive No. 1300, which aims to set the rules for the protection of information pertaining to national defense secrecy.
Our certifications guarantee you solutions provided in accordance with standard practices:

  • APSAD I81: Installation and Maintenance of Intrusion Detection Systems
  • APSAD I82: Installation and Maintenance of CCTV Systems
  • APSAD I83: Installation and Maintenance of Access Control Systems
  • APSAD I83: Installation and maintenance of fire detection systems
  • ISO 27001: Management of Information Systems Security

In addition, we are partners to manufacturers. This allows us to bring you:

  • A responsive technological and regulatory watch
  • A systematic qualification of suppliers
  • A Group policy encouraging the implementation of framework agreements
  • A Purchasing approach which relies on manufacturers' distribution networks

Our areas of work:

Protection safety

  • Control and access management
  • Anti-intrusion, biometric control
  • Automatic doors and windows
  • Video-surveillance
  • Perimeter protection
  • Secure power supplies
  • Supervision / Hypervision


  • Telephone and intercom equipment
  • Sound and video equipment
  • Computer networks
  • Analogue and digital radio-communication

Safety of property and people

  • Fire detection, fire extinguishing
  • Explosive gas detection, toxic gas detection
  • Particle count
  • Lightning protection
  • Securing power supplies
  • Operational video
  • Security of Information Systems (SIS)

Running and supervising installations

  • Technical Building Management (TBM)
  • Centralized Technical Management (CTM)
  • Hypervision, technical alarms, backup and alert

Associated Engineering

  • Optimizing maintenance through reliability (Operating safety)
  • Optimizing the overall cost of owning and building the support (Integrated logistic Support)
  • Studies relating to securing information systems (SIS, Cyber Security)