Maintenance and services

Rotary and static machines

Repairing electric motors is part of Clemessy’s historical know-how.
Clemessy Motors, located in Mulhouse, is the subsidiary which specialises in the maintenance, repair, reconditioning and construction of rotating and static machines.

Electrothermics :

  • Reconditioning and building heating inductors or induction furnaces

Rotating machines :

  • Electromechanical maintenance on site and in the workshop
  • Reconditioning and building : alternating current, direct current, alternators

Static machines :

  • Reconditioning of transformers and selfs



Key figures

10,000 m² workshop

  • Coil manufacturing and assembly workshop
  • Electrical and mechanical workshop
  • Treatment and impregnation unit


High-performance test and analysis systems

  • Endoscopy
  • Thermography
  • Vibrational control and analysis
  • Electric test cell
  • Measuring appliance