Maintenance and services

Qualification of laboratory equipment

Multi-technical and multi-make qualification of your laboratory equipment

Lab Assistance is the specialist in the field of laboratory equipment qualification and preventive maintenance.

Equipment qualification

  • Installation Qualification (IQ)
  • Operational Qualification (OQ)
  • Performance Qualification (PQ)

Qualification report

Including all the raw data validated under Quality Assurance procedures

Drafting the procedures

Customised, personalised according to your requirements

Our fields of expertise

  • Chromatography in liquid phase (HPLC/UPLC)
  • Chromatography in gas phase (GC)
  • Spectrophotometry (UV-Visible-IR)
  • Mass spectrometry (LC-MS/GC-MS)
  • Dissolution baths (automatic bath, collector, media preparer, …)
  • Cartography of climatic and thermostatic chambers (chambers, refrigerators, freezers, …)
  • Temperature measurement (dryers, muffle furnace, bath equipped with thermostat, …)
  • Physico-chemical analysis devices (titrator, pH-meter, conductimeter, polarimeter, flame photometer …)

Our commitment to quality ...

  • Proven experience in the field of qualification en in the laboratory environment (BPL - BPF)
  • Transparency and impartiality of our measurements, conformity (or non-conformity) statement
  • Accuracy and reliability of our measuring equipment (calibrated – COFRAC traceability)
  • Our working protocols and methods in line with the FDA, USP, European Pharmacopeia, ICH, SFSTP reference systems
  • The quality and precision of our qualification reports

... from professionals to professionals

  • Check and approval of the rapports and the associated raw data by our quality department in order to ensure an objective and independent view
  • Traceability of the standards used by systematically providing calibration certificates (COFRAC)
  • Regulation and standard watch: BPL, BPF, European Pharmacopeia, USP, ICH, SFSTP, …
  • Electronic archiving of customer reports