Maintenance and services


Cogelub is the machine lubrication specialist. For 20 years, we have been capitalising on our experience so that our experts provide the best solution to your problems.

Whether it be in the form of contracts, occasional works or engineering, our technicians and engineers support you in order to optimise the maintenance of your equipment.

Routine lubrication work

  • Lubrication
  • Level checks
  • Top-up
  • Draining, …

Fluids maintenance

  • Filtration (solids depollution)
  • Vacuum cleaning (depollution of water dissolved in oil)
  • Centrifugation (depollution of stagnant water)

Audit, survey and implementation of the means of storage for lubricants

  • Organisation and methodology relating to the lubrication plan
  • Cleanliness programme for « technical » draining fluids
  • Rinsing, cleaning
  • Work in «confined area »
  • Cleanliness commitment (cleanliness class objectives)
  • Combined inspection (reducer gear)
  • Special work completion deadlines and conditions (nights, shifts, public holidays)

Computerisation and traceability

  • Putting in place the lubrication plan using MCs 2000 software
  • Implementing the traceability of the operations

Centralised lubrication

  • Inspection
  • Maintenance and servicing
  • Study, supply and fitting


Lubricant analysis

  • Sampling
  • 1st diagnosis on site (viscosity – water content – solid pollution)
  • Laboratory analysis
  • Analysis report (lubricant performance - pollution)
  • History tracking
  • Conducting treatment actions (depollution)


Lubrication survey

  • Establishing the list of equipment and parts
  • Operations
  • Defining the lubrication operations
  • Defining the lubricants, intervals and volumes
  • Integrating the process, safety data

Lubrication equipment

  • Automatic lubricator
  • Centralised lubricating device
  • Grease gun
  • Oil storage and distribution store, …

Draw on Clemessy’s expertise

In total synergy with our other subsidiaries, our offers relating to the lubrication of your equipment supplement our other fields of expertise. Therefore, in addition to your lubrication requirements, Game Ingénierie specialises in maintenance work on your laboratory equipment (research and production units), Lab Assistance inmetrology and qualification, while Dynae offers you its expertise in vibratory and thermographic analysis.