Maintenance and services

Computer-aided maintenance management

The aim of maintenance is to make sure the facilities operate properly, to ensure safety, availability, reliability and performance, while meeting operating constraints and minimizing costs. The difficulty lies in finding the right balance between the lowest cost, guaranteed safety and availability.

Maintenance suited to your needs

Our teams of engineers, project managers, experts and technicians are able to implement with you the Computer-Aided Maintenance Management (CAMM) solutions best suited to your needs. First of all, we conduct an analysis of existing practices within your structure, in order to observe the methodology in place.

  • Tools put in place
  • Maintenance plan
  • Data processed
  • Problems encountered
  • Mobile solutions

After that, a study on the implementation of a CAMM is carried out. We provide you with support during the phases involving the formalization of your expectations, sizing your requirements, but also drafting the specifications.

We will be able to assist you in both choosing and adapting a software package available on the market, as well as in the IT development of a solution dedicated to your maintenance.

Taylor made solutions for your processes

Once the most appropriate solution has been chosen, the integration phase starts with an inventory of the data from the technical scope and implementation of the data into the CAMM.
This integration phase ends when a thorough examination of the data integrated into the application is carried out during the acceptance test phase.

Throughout the project, your teams are involved in the process so that they take full ownership of the tool: they take part in the analysis phase, choosing the software package, the acceptance test stages and the deployment.

Our support goes beyond the training of the on-site teams on how to the use the tool; we offer technical assistance throughout the partnership period, including:

  • Assessment after the start-up
  • Post-deployment review
  • Regular updates
  • Managing relations with the software publisher
  • Additional training